My name is Margaux, I am an interior designer and mother to our beautiful daughter Ambre I was born in France and grew up there until I turned 24 and decided to leave the country to see the world with my partner and best friend Lucas. We ended up in Australia in 2014 and planned to stay and build our family in that country we now call home. I became a mom in 2017 and photographying my daughter's everyday life became a big passion of mine. I recently started a blog where you can nd my passion for photography and I am planning on writing more, about our journey, everyday life, travels, interior design and other things that could help mums around the world to nd inspiration and feel supported and loved through their motherhood journey. I have been working with many brands, sharing and promoting prodcuts our family loves, the most important for me is to be honest and really inspire others. We would love to work with you and help grow the awarness around your products and your brand, join us in our family journey away from France through my lens and practicing our slow and kind parenting.

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